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04/05/2010 16:17:12
Re: Contract

My employment is under Fixed Term Contract for 1 year. Upon expiry of contract, I got a new Fixed Contract for another 1 year with break period.

e.g. contract expired on 28 Feb 2010
New Contract will start on 1 march 2010.

My Question :
1) Can my company continuously give me new contract with break period after old contract expired? How many times the company can do that?

2) Can the company just discontinued my service upon expiry of my contract? Does the company need to give my notice for discontinue the service and if yes, how long is the notice period?

Thanks in advance for your advise.

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KL Siew
04/05/2010 21:05:28
1. It can go on and on as long as you keep on accepting the renewal. If you are not keen on such arrangement, let them know what you are thinking.

2. For that you will have to read the contract. There may be a clause on termination of contract by the parties. If there is none, you should have such a clause included in the new contract. Make sure all terms and conditions are clearly stated in the contract.
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