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03/05/2010 22:23:03
Re: will i get sue

i work in this company for more than 1 year but i didn't get any confirmation letter from them. i want to resign now with 24 hours notice.
will i get sue even they did not gave me any letter of confirmation??
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KL Siew
03/05/2010 22:27:55
You still have to give notice. Read up Section 12 of the Employment Act about the period of notice to be given.
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03/12/2010 17:27:41
please help,

my company is service provider for ths big firm, i work for their logistics department, tdy once i step in the office, one of the firm staff call me and told me that i cant enter the firm anymore because i has been band by the head of security due to suspect of things has been stolen, FYI, this firm is full with CCTV, i never steal any of their things and they dont have any prove to show to me when i asked them, further more, no notice frm the management and i just been kick out just like that.. i work with them for 5years! can i sue them? how to sue them? pls guide me?

looking forward from you asap... thanks

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