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03/05/2010 16:10:33
Re: termination of unsatisfactory employee

Mr. Siew, i have employed a staff for RM1,600 a month, there is no any written employment letter nor oral one, after one month of employment, his performance is very poor, now he wanna resign without giving any notice, so i wanna know:
1.) can i ask for compensation for 1 month salary?
2.) can i still use the Employment Act's terms in this case coz his salary is above RM1,500?
3.) i have issued memo stating that SMS cannot be used for informing boss for sick leave, then the staff SMS me saying he is sick and not coming to work, so can i deny the sick leave?

thank you
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KL Siew
03/05/2010 22:16:50
Since his performance is very poor, you should be happy that he is willing to leave. Why not just ask him to write a resignation letter and let him go? Save all the troubles.
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