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03/05/2010 11:46:30
Re: Maternity Leave & Terminate pregnant lady

Re: Maternity Leave & terminate pregnant lady


A confirmed staff who has been service 4 years is pregnant on March'2010. Due to previous cervical incompetent case,
doctor give a letter to rest start from 03.05.2010 till due date Dec'2010.Does she entitle to maternity allowance or
maternity leave when she deliver in Dec'2010? Did the employer can retrench or terminate this pregnant lady during this period?

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KL Siew
03/05/2010 13:42:23
1. What is the agreed notice period for termination of service?

2. Can't you persuade her to resign in view of the medical complications instead of your terminating her service?
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04/05/2010 15:16:02

1) 2 month notice perid for termination.
2) If she agree to resign,what is the benefit she can get?
3) Else she insist continue to work after deliver baby?

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KL Siew
05/05/2010 08:40:58
Let's not speculate what can possibly happen. Discuss the problems with her first and get some feedback from her. It may be easier to find an answer that way.
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