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02/05/2010 19:07:53
Re: Staffs did not Work Full Times (830am -530pm) and Cheated Company on Incentive

Hi Siew,
I have a situation here. I have a team of Marketing Support Team, and recently our customer feedback to us that All of Them did not work in accordance to the time stipulated in appointment letter. They finished their work for 2-4hours daily, but claim to work full day. And, over report of product sold during marketing activity in order to claim full commission.

We have paid them all as based on trust. Can we claimed back after our audit? Can we claim back their salaries and allowances as they did not work full time?

Thank you.

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KL Siew
02/05/2010 22:21:36
For me, I would not do anything like that and I really don't how you are going to do that. I would start from now on to have tighter control of their work.
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