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02/05/2010 15:35:15
Re: Resignation before cofrimation

I've worked in present company since March 22,10. My probation stated in contract is 3-6 months. The contract also stated that employee can not resign during probation period and he has to give 3 months notice before the resignation.

So, now my question is:
1. Can I resign now? (I'm still within the probation period)
2. How many weeks of notice I should give if I want to resign?
3. Does my employee has right to deduct or even suspend my basic salary , allowances and claims if I resign before the probation period?
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KL Siew
02/05/2010 21:51:09
According to what you said, It looks like you have to give 3 months notice if you want to resign. Next time, you better read the contract carefully before you accept it.
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