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30/04/2010 16:58:51
Re: Probation period and working on holidays

Hi siew, I have a colleague whom has been working for 9 months now. In our probation terms states that probation period of 3-6 months. It seems that even when she approaches my boss about this issue, it will not be answered. Besides, some of the employees in this company have been working for a year and not being confirmed yet. Is there any way for her to sort this out?

Another note, from what I hear from my fellow colleagues, working on a public holiday means we must be paid 3x our salary for the day. In the past, I was working on one public holiday but got nothing even after bringing it up to my management. Now I have and upcoming event which requires me to work on Labour Day, all we are told is that we can claim 1 additional leave day. Is that legal? or are we being short-changed constantly? Please advise me.
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KL Siew
30/04/2010 17:30:12
1. It really does not matter whether confirmed or not confirmed. Are the terms and conditions different between those confirmed and those not confirmed?

2. Under the Employment Act, the employer cannot do that by replacing another day. However, if you are not covered by the Act (meaning salary is more than RM1500), you better discuss with the employer if you think it is not favourable to you.
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