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29/04/2010 13:57:14
Re: demotion and salary cut

Recently my company employed (Mat Salleh) as consultan.t to the firm. My salary and position has been downgraded as per the instruction from the new consultant. I'm currently doing cleanning of toilet / mop the floor (from executive). He also mention that if I'm not happy anytime, I can tender my resignation. I was also forced to sign an agreement that states ( I shall not join any firm/organisation in similar trade within 5 years from my resignation date). Please advise me as I'm not sure of what to do and find it very unfair and very discrimately.
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KL Siew
29/04/2010 15:20:49
You mean you are an executive demoted to cleaning toilet, mopping floor? I think you should pay a visit to the Industrial Relations Department and discuss the problems with one of the officers there.
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03/05/2010 12:32:16
I have been reassigned from Executive to Senior Service Team member dated 01/04/2010. On 22/04/10 I received another letter again to downgrade to Junior Sevice Team Member with pay cut RM500 reason are performance not up to management expectation (disobeyed from work intruction and ignorance of the hygienic problem been verbally warned by superior. please advise.
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