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29/04/2010 12:32:45
Re: MC or hospitalize after discahrge frm hospital?

Hi~tx for reading.

I'll having an womb operation tomorrow, will need to stay 1 night in hospital, (subject to change), and following by MC.
My HR said, it will consider as MC instead of hospitalize after i discharge (stay at home= MC), and salary will be deduct after finished deduct my MC leave unless with annual leave.

from the section 60F "(bb) of sixty days in the aggregate in each calendar year if hospitalisation is necessary, as may be certified by such registered medical practitioner or medical officer: "

confuse on the clause, it means admitted 1 day entitle for hospitalize or must admitted 60 days full?

hope to hear frm u soon. thank you very much!!
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KL Siew
29/04/2010 15:16:55
Hospitalisation means you physically stayed in hospital. When you were discharged and was unfit for work for a number of days, that is sick leave. You are only entitled to the number of sick leave stated in your contract of service. Beyond that, it will be no pay.
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29/04/2010 16:09:18
Tx~ Mr Siew
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