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28/04/2010 21:41:17
Re: contract and resignation letter

如果我老板无理解雇,他逼我签的辞职信和我当初签的雇用信是不同的签名那还会被接受吗 ?
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28/04/2010 22:04:24
if i never sign any appoinment letter since i work till 4 years , can i immediately resign without give any notice, will the company suit me??
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Kl Siew
29/04/2010 09:25:54
1. You of course can deny ever giving the resignation letter.

2. If you did sign any appointment letter and no notice period for resignation was mentioned, you still have to give notice according to Section 12 of the Employment Act. Otherwise, the employer can sue for indemnity in lieu of notice.
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13/05/2010 12:04:00
i have same matter i work for 4 months without sign any offer letter or appointment letter,i send my 1 week notice but my boss insist that i need to pass at least 1 month notice but i need to attend another training after 1 week,please advice
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