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28/04/2010 12:04:46
Re: Termination

Hi Mr.Siew,

I joined my current company from 4/1/10 as account executive. I did tender on 30/3/10 & served 24hrs notice whereas according to appoinment letter.
The reason why i resign is because this company didnt submit EPF for 2years & employees get salary late about 15th every month.
But management not accept & hold my resignation letter & asked me to stay & help this company. After consideration & had a meeting with directors on middle of this month, i decided to stay & my director verbally says if i stay, company will confirmed me immediately. By the way, i didnt received & sign confirmation letter from HR till today.
The director was called me & told me yesterday that company having cashflow problem & management decided to outsource, company not gonna to confirm me. Im still working in this company & i pregnant 4mths right now.

I am not sure what can i do now?!! Should i make complain about EPF issue? Can i get any extra pay if company terminate me in this way?

Thanks in advance for your kind assist.
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KL Siew
28/04/2010 17:32:40
Never mind about the confirmation letter. You just carry on working as usual. Let them terminate you because if they do, you will have a chance to fight a case with them. Meanwhile, if you have no confidence in the company, you can also start looking for a new job.

Don't complain about EPF yet. You can complain later because the employer will have to pay arrears of EPF for you.
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Ashley Seow
04/05/2010 08:34:23
Thank you very much for your advise, Mr Siew.

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