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28/04/2010 09:38:21
Re: COmmission and monthly petrol expenses claims

According to my letter of offer, i am eligible of sales commisions for the 1st 3 months RM5,000 - RM10,000 sales : 2 %commission and
RM 10,001 & above : 2.5% commission, then 2nd 3months is RM10,000 - RM 15, 000 : 2% and RM15,001 & above : 2.5 % commision, but up to date i still havent receive any single cents of commision from my company after i work for 16months in my company, What should I do to get back my commission?
Beside, during the letter of offer, i am allowed to reimburse my petrol claims in monthly basis by bills (80% employer / 20% employee) without any condition but last month my GM was refuse to pay me back my claims, EVen my handphone was also stated by bill, maximum RM100, but my GM was always deduct my phone bill claims down to RM30.
What should I do to get back those allowance that i should get?
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KL Siew
28/04/2010 10:35:54
You may approach the Labour Department see whether they can help you to get back your money. Work out the exact amount of commission due and make a claim at the Labour Department.
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