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Jess Ong
27/04/2010 17:11:56
Re: Maternity Allowance Entitlement

HI Mr Siew,

3 month pregnant employee who still under probation period, date joined 28 Oct 2009, the probation period was extended since January 2010, probation will due on 28 April 2010.
1) still poor attendance
2) still unable to achieve job target

Can a contract of service of a female employee be terminated if she is pregnant for 3 months and still under probation? if yes, do we need to pay her maternity allowance, if yes when we should pay her maternity allowance? She only notify us her pregnancy today.

Please assist.

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KL Siew
27/04/2010 17:53:07
You can terminate her service on whatever reasons you have but she has the right to seek redress at the Labour Department or the IR Department. You better consult the Labour Department or Industrial Relations Department before you do that. To me, the reasons stated by you don't seem to be very sound ones.

She may not be qualified for maternity allowance as her confinement is going to be more than 4 months away.
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