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Jess Ong
27/04/2010 09:01:14
Re: Refuse to Sign Stern Warning letter

Mr Siew,

If an employee found guilty as follows:
1) poor attendance, no pay leave without strong reason & supporting or evident documents.
2) take No pay leave and perform work in other company, upon questioning, reason giving by him is because low salary pay by our company.

Based on our company hand book, he has commited to major Misconducts "Carry out private work to trade within the Company which is directly or indirectly in competition with the business of the Company"

We had issued him a show cause letter, he only replied in writing that he took the no pay leave to perform work in other company, due to his low salary offered by our company. Subsequently, we issue a stern warning to him, he refused to sign. What action should I take, Please advise.

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KL Siew
27/04/2010 14:57:35
You cannot force him to sign if he does not want to. If you were to view the taking of no pay leave to work elsewhere as a serious offence then you can decide what disciplinary action to take. If he does it again, hold a domestic inquiry and give the necessary punishment. Refer to Section 14 of the Employment Act.
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