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25/04/2010 22:55:16
Re: Employment

Dear Sir,
I need your expert advise.
I went for an interview in late feb 2010 with our no 1 local bank.

Immediately after the first interview , they made a verbal salary offer and request my confirmation. I agreed to the offered salary.

I was put through a second interview right away and a letter of authorisation to do a medical check-up was released to me.

Upon clearance on the medical check-up, I was verbally informed that I will be receiving my letter of offer to start work on the 1st March 2010. I was informed I passed my interviews very well.

Instead of receiving my letter of offer, I was asked to attend a 3rd interview,which I did. This to, I passed with flying colors.

My nightmare begin after that,as they claimed the salary they offered me (verbally) is too high and they decided not to offer me the job.

How should I handle this situation, as I am not able to proceed with other job as I have made verbal agreement to accept their offer. Additionally, their conduct is very unprofessional, can I raise a complaint anywhere, or can I sue them?.
Thank you for your input. best regards
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KL Siew
26/04/2010 08:57:46
That's quite unfortunate. I think there is nothing much you can do about it. Better luck next time.
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26/04/2010 10:17:54
Thank you, Siew.
God must have something else,waiting for me.
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