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26/12/2012 13:51:27
Re: Minimum wage act ?

did candicapped worker included in minimum wage act ?
in this few month i send a lot of mail to verify that problem but no any respondent from relevant department, i hope you can help me to settle this problem. thank you
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KL Siew
26/12/2012 15:14:27
What you can do is to consult the Labour Department.
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26/12/2012 15:38:30
do you have ipoh Labour Department telephone number ?
thank you
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KL Siew
26/12/2012 17:49:06
Check here
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03/01/2014 18:15:55
could we terminate " an employee" if we could prove that he was absent wihtout giving " valid reason" and not improving his daily attendance as well eventhough he had been serviced in the company for more than 7 years? Please advise.
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SL Teng
12/08/2015 15:38:51
Got limit year for Contingent in one company? How many year?
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