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24/12/2012 13:21:57
Re: Prorated 1st month salary

New staff joined 3 Dec 2012. Monthly basic salary RM10,000.00 (example). We work 5 days a week.

Does the company has a choice to calculate based on :

1) the number of days of the month (calendar days) ie. 29/31 X RM10,000 = RM9,354.84.
2) 26 days

What is the correct calculation ?

Is it wrong or against EA to calculate prorated basic salary for Dec 2012 based on calendar days ?

Appreciate your advice on this matter.
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KL Siew
24/12/2012 21:27:05
1) is the right answer. If you calculate the other 2 days salary, it will be 2/31 x 1000=645.16. The two amount added together comes to exactly 10000.00 not more no less. So 9354.84 is correct.
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