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Karen Yip
20/12/2012 15:23:52
Re: In lieu of notice

Hi, I would like to ask --

for example a staff to resign suppose is 2 wks notice follow the contract of employment. But the said staff resign in 24 hrs( still under the contract) since he unable to meet the contract,i dun hv to pay him salary right? besides, what about OT ? shall i pay him back .. even i deduct the salary..
shall i only hold the BASIC pay ... but without the OT? or both i hv the right to hold both since he breach the contract.

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KL Siew
20/12/2012 16:07:31
You can withhold from basic wage only. If the basic wage is not enough, of course you may think of getting the indemnity from his overtime.
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Karen Yip
20/12/2012 16:18:31
Thank you
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Karen Yip
20/12/2012 16:27:56
Then, to check the basic wage whether can cover .. means ...
example ... the salary is RM1000 ... so for 2 wks .. menaing RM500 .. is it ....
so will using RM500 to compare with the OT ?
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KL Siew
20/12/2012 17:53:04
You take 2 weeks wages, not half month's wages.
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23/01/2013 11:35:57
I was working on a 1 year contract with a company and at the end of my
contract I had signed a further extension of 6 month for this job.

However since I was subjected to bullying and ended up having
depression and unable to cope with my work, I decided to leave as I
had to do so for my own peace of mind before I killed myself or

1 month into the 6 months extension contract, I left.

I had put the resignation letter on the relevant person's table since
the person had gone outstation.

In the letter I stated that I had to leave due to unforeseen
circumstances and I was sorry for any inconvenience caused.

In December 2012 I received a letter from the said company asking me
to explain my absence and if they did not hear from me they would take
action against me.

My spouse then delivered the copy of my resignation letter to the
company and obtained an acknowledgement from the HR of the letter. It
seems that they could not find any letter which is not my problem

Now they have complained to the labour office and wants me to pay the
3,600 in lieu of my notice which they claimd they did not receive (

I am currently not working fyi and have no income at all.

If they still insist that I pay the amount, I can but can only do so
in a very little amt.

Am i right in saying that they cannot force me to pay the whole sum
one shot but have to accept whatever I am able to pay since I have no
income ?

Please advise me accordingly on this.

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23/05/2013 10:43:12
Hi Mr.Siew, if monthly gross salary RM2,000 and short notice need to compensate RM500, should we contribute EPF & Socso based on RM2,000 or RM1,500? Please advice, TQ.
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08/12/2013 20:39:20
请问公司有权利减我的薪水吗?我是 under probation的。他们说给不到我 offer letter 的价钱, 但是我已经做了两个月,现在说给不到我。那请问我可以告公司吗?我需要怎样做? thank you..
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