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19/12/2012 17:45:10
Re: Seeking Help And Reference o

Hi I am a manager working in a manufacturing company for 20 yrs.
The past two years the owner of the company have started to access to our emails. All this emails are to our company server and we are using company emails for official matters. However it have become a pain of his actions in reading the mail and later pin pointing how we write or what was written to us right or wrong. It has given some of us an unsecured feeling. Some emails are written from our customers to us in such a friendly term in where after a period of time this reltionship has developed. But to him in his terminology " Suspiciou activity". Does he has the rights to read our mails. Or eve if has the rights shouldn't there be a notice in where both parties (employee and employer) are to sign acknowledging the rights for the owner to read the mails. ONly he alone can access everyone's mail in the company. Does he has this right? Are we protected under any law? If what he is ding is wrng who can we refer this matter too. Appreciate some reply and reference . Thanks
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KL Siew
19/12/2012 20:05:56
Can't you change your passwords of your email account?
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20/12/2012 15:50:45
Cannot sorry, this mail is company's mail. He can access it form his lap top anyone who uses the company email.
Even if he is the company owner to read our mails is acceptable but this is indaing of privacy. He has the rights but is there any regulation or rules that state that he will need wriitten approval form his employee.

Please advise.
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KL Siew
20/12/2012 18:00:17
Well, since the email is for common use, I really don't know what to say. Just use it strictly for business and nothing else.
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29/04/2013 19:31:18
Bully in Workplace

I have a question on this topic, my colleague was bully by a senior staff (not a manager, but act as manager) . And abused of her power, although she work there for 20 over years, she was just a Jr. Admin Executive which promoted recently. When the staff speak up this issues to her own Department manager, the manager tend to avoid the topic.

And the branch manager was working there more than 30 years, he know it but did not do anything about it.

My colleague was insulted by words , until she cannot take it anymore and cry out loud in front of me.

I wish to know how to handle these kind of problem, did any law protect the employees from bullying by senior staff as the Australia government do?
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