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08/12/2012 09:17:14
Re: non-compete clause

Hi, in my employmemt letter, there is a statement to say that I cannot join my client or competitor for certain of period. If i signed this letter, is this statement valid and the company can sue me if i join competitor/client?

I feel this is not valid and not reasonable because, it is my profesional area, if i cant join either both, im jobless.

Please need your advise
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KL Siew
08/12/2012 15:32:40
This seems to concern with the law of contract. As such, I would suggest that you read up something about "restraint of trade" in the Internet. You may be able to get some info there.
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08/12/2012 21:58:24

Thanks, i read through the restraint of trade but still no idea whether i will get sue and lose the case or not.

I just join the company less than 1 month, no training from the company and do not know any company secret info. Is this Non-Compete still legal against me?
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KL Siew
09/12/2012 08:50:52
Consult a lawyer if you are still worried.
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