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07/12/2012 18:26:04
Re: Staff Poor Performance

I have a staff who works for me for 5 years. His performance was not as good as we expect yet still acceptable.

Recently, he watches dramas during working hours. I can accept provided he has finished his works. Problem is he chooses works to do and like to drag work. I have verbally warned him and he stopped watching for about 2 months and now started again.

I have issued first warning letter to him due to his poor performance. My question is can I ask him to leave immediately or I should issue second warning letter and third warning letter before asking him to leave?
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KL Siew
08/12/2012 15:21:41
He has been with you for 5 years and now you are saying he is not performing. I think there is something he is not happy about with the company. Try to find out the causes. Of course you can do as you have suggested but you may not be able to justify it if he complains.
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