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29/11/2012 12:33:12
Re: termination of contract

my contract expired on July'12 and I still continue working without contract for 4 mths. Now i given 1 mth notice in 1/12/12 and work till 15/12/12 (clear 10 days AL + PH), b'cos i need to report to new job with better offer asap. Do my boss has right to stop me to clear all outstanding job b4 i leave?
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KL Siew
29/11/2012 18:02:40
If he does not allow to clear your leave, he must pay for it. If he is doing neither, you can go to the Labour Office and make a complaint.
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12/06/2013 09:36:37
Good day!
my company retrechment me on 31/5/13 and give me 2 month notice, so i need work until 31/7/13. company no give any compesation. Inside our appointment contract as below: after confirmation, eithere party may give two (2) months notice of termination without subscribing to any reasons whatever, or compensate two (2) month's salary in lieu of such notice of termiate. So, may i know did can any compesation when i retrech? currently my salary is rm 2200 and 6 years working in this company.
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