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19/11/2012 23:53:46
Re: Overdue OT

Dear Sir,
18 months ago i'd seek your advice before regarding unfair dismissal by an idiot employer. In fact I was lucky becoz just 2 days after being dismissed, I was called up by another firm and offered a very much better job opportunity, thus just stop pursuing the case to IR court.
Well, to briefly recall the unreasonable dismissal:
1. I stayed back after working hours to brush up my knowledge from my superior (no OT was paid). This is considered a 3 legged action to apple polish the superior (to think this way is a hopeless stupid boss); &
2. because i used a spoon to eat durian, a fest at the courtesy of the boss during lunch. This is considered too ladylike and not acceptable. But with a smelly hand and having to coordinate with customers during work hours after the fest, juck!! he is okay with it.

And now the boss is directing his attention to my ex-superior who has been with the company for the past 20 over years when the co. was setup by the senior boss from zero. She is now almost reaching 50 years of age & has been pressurized constantly in all directions and instances, maybe in the hope that she's going to resign voluntarily. All these years she has been staying late almost everyday but was never paid any OT.
In the agreement she signed, there is a clause for OT to be paid @ 1.5 orp. Punch cards were used to record everyday attendance and extra hours worked.
Can she highlight the case and claim back compensation for all the past years overtime work to the Labour office or IR court?
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KL Siew
20/11/2012 08:48:32
If your ex-superior is one covered by the Employment Act (meaning her salary is not more than RM2000), she may consider bring the matter of overtime to the local Labour Office. Advise her to keep copies of all the punch cards which could be use as evidence.
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