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15/11/2012 18:01:17

I own a 10% shares in a partnership company., and was appointed as a director since the day the company was set up, and I had been a working director(sales personnel) until recently I was removed from the director board, when I intended to sell my portion of shares.

I still work as a sales personnel currently and getting my usual pay, EPF, Socso and insurance coverage, as the negotiation for settlement has not reached to an agreement.

As the management lately is not happy with my work performance as my sales has dropped for the past few months, I am worried that they will terminate me and refuse my bonus. P/S I do not have a contract of employment or any legal documents as to my job except that I still hold 10% shareholding.

I would like to know :-

1. Now I will sign in in the morning and will leave for my wife's company, helping her and will return in between the working hours and sign out in the evening.

2. Is the company has any right to terminate my job position as a sales personnel or ground me to other desk position.\

3 Am I entitled to the yearly bonus(I don't have a blade and white agreement)

4. I have been enjoying director benefits like company car, petrol, allowance, hand-phone do they have the right to remove all these benefits?

Would appreciate your reply.

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KL Siew
16/11/2012 08:58:42
I think I can say only one thing, that is if you are sacked eventually, the place for you to seek redress is the Industrial Relations Department. If you have other legal issues with the company, a lawyer will be a more competent person to seek legal advice..
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