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14/11/2012 10:48:14
Re: working hours

I have a situation here. I'm in retail and basic pay is above RM1500 and below RM5000. Appointment letter stated that employee has to work 5 days a week, 8.5hrs a day, and full shift only when required.

Now they're telling us we have to fulfill 44hrs a week, meaning a compulsory of 1 full shift everyweek without calculating it as OT. Even when we take medical leave on the full day, we have to replace that one full day in order to complete the 44hrs.

My question, since the appointment letter stated 5 working says a week with 8.5hrs a day, shouldnt our fullshift be calculated as OT?
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KL Siew
14/11/2012 21:23:38
Since you are not covered by the Employment Act, therefore the company's rulings on working hours and so on shall apply. You should seek clarifications from your HR if there is any doubt. The Labour Office may not be of much help if you were to refer the matter to them as you are out of the scope of the EA.
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