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Dorothy Tan
12/11/2012 14:36:57
Re: Staff resigned on her own, but now claims we terminated her


I have a staff that resigned in August and she went to the Labor Office claiming we terminated her without giving her any notice. She now wants the Company to compensate her 1 month in lieu for terminating her. But she submitted her resignation letter without serving the notice period!

I didnt give her a letter of acceptance of resignation because she is in Seremban and she left her services with immediate effect.

Are the claims she made with the Labor Office valid because i didnt give her the letter of acceptance of resignation? Can she claim that she did not give the Company the letter?
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KL Siew
12/11/2012 16:31:12
Now, it is your words against hers. Let the Labour Office look into the matter since the matter has reached there.
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