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Ms. Ng
06/11/2012 11:03:47
Re: medical claim

Hi, May I check the limit of medical claim for 1 year, isn't RM500/year? if over limit, can employer deduct salary of employee.

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KL Siew
06/11/2012 15:32:57
In fact under the Employment Act, there is no provision for medical claim. Medical claims are benefits set by individual company. Some companies have such benefits while others don't have to facilities. If the RM600 limit is set by your company, then it is the limit.
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23/03/2015 09:06:34

I'm working in IT industry which require to work on shifts. There was a day i have to work during Malaysian Public Holiday, but unfortunately i was sick and rushed to Clinic for treatment and i got an MC for that day.
Can the company deduct my MC leave?

Also, i have a second issue. As per my employment contract, i am entitle of medical benefit i will have a medical card. I have work for 3 month and 23 days and till now i haven't receive my medical card and also shocking thing is, i still havent get my february Payslip. Could you guide me, to which channel i should highlight this?

Thank you

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