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Tham Hon Siong
24/04/2010 11:30:42
Re: Deduction of Wages

My company is a manufacturing factory which implement electronic punch card system. Its compulsory employee to punch in and out when leave the factory.

There was a day, during lunch time, i went out to car park to take something, thus i punch out, and the in a short while, within 3 minute, then i come in and punch in, and continue to work until 6.00pm which ours working time is from 8.15am until 6.00pm.

After 10 days, i was being inform by ours personnel department that i had fail punch, this is because the eletronic device is only capture 1 record eventhoug i had punch twice within 3 minute, thus my HR request to to take halfday leave, because my time in and time out record had only 3 record on that day which is 8.15am, 12.42pm, and 18.00pm.

Do My HR department conducted in a lawful way to deduct my wage (half day leave), eventhough my superior had testify that i was working on that afternoon, and my company system (SAP System) had the time record of my work during that period?
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KL Siew
24/04/2010 14:14:37
Surely, there must be a human way to "overwrite" the electronic system. Try sort it out with someone with authority like your GM or MD.
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