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Head Burn
23/04/2010 23:06:28
Re: Termination of contract

I had tendered my resignation on 16 April which is last week. I had agreed to serve until the end of this month but my boss kept on giving excuses and asked me to complete 2 months service. My contract had state 2 months salary in lieu and I am ready to pay for the short notice. I have two questions here:
1) I had applied leaves for May but I am leaving. Will I still entitle to deduct these applied leaves since they will not be utilised?
2) As long as I compensate my company, they should not have any reason to hold me back right?

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KL Siew
24/04/2010 11:44:46
1. If you have balance of unutilised leave, apply to take it before you leave.

2. Yes, they cannot hold you back.
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