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10/10/2012 09:23:17
Re: Annual leave after confirmation

Hi all, I would like to ask that according to labour law of Malaysia, an employee after confirmation supposingly should entitle for how many days annual leave? Is the company got the right to not giving confirmed staff any annual leave? My company said I will only entitled to get 8 days leave after serving the company for more than 12 months onwards. So even after my confirmation, I will still not entitled to have any annual leave in the 1st year in this company. Is this against the labour law in Malaysia? Please advice as I really need help. Thank you so much.
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KL Siew
10/10/2012 10:24:32
Under the Employment Act, an employee has to complete 12 months service before entitle to paid annual leave. If your company does not practice giving proportionate advance leave, it will no pay leave if you take leave. Consult the Labour Department if you want to have more info.
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