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05/10/2012 16:27:02
Re: overtime rate

Hi Siew,
[Let's one of my staff's normal working hours is from 9am until 6pm and with salary RM1500. If he worked on Public holiday started from 7pm until 10pm, may I now it will consider as 2.0 or 3.0? (already exceed normal hours of work)]

As per my previous question, here I have one more question need your advice.

Even the staff only worked three hours on the said Public holiday, we have to calculate his OT at 3.0 rate as well?

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KL Siew
06/10/2012 08:46:05
Look at it this way:
1. If you calculate as OT for the 3 hours, that staff will get (1500/26/8)x3x3hours=64.90
2. If you follow the law, he will get (1500/26)x2=115.38
Are you not shortchanging him by paying the 3 hours as OT?
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