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19/09/2012 09:40:44

Hi Mr KL Siew. How do you do? This platform is a wonderful gift to us in the working field. Employer and employee alike. Thank you.
I have a simple question here. I will be paid a monthly allowance for travelling nature. It will be paid with my end month salary.
I am aware that it will be subjected to income tax but will this allowance be subject to EPF contribution?
If it is paid with my monthly claim, will it be subject to income tax?
I am looking for a win-win situation with the employer. Hope I can get some helpful feedback.
Thank you.
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KL Siew
19/09/2012 17:11:06
For EPF matters, you can check it up at the EPF website If you are still not sure, you may have to give a call to EPF.
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21/09/2012 09:49:44
Dear Gwen,
As I know from EPF, once your allowance is concern with employee's business travelling like telephone allowance, transport or petrol allowance, it will not liable to EPF. OT not liable to EPF. Salary paid in lieu of notice of termination
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