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22/04/2010 16:06:03
Re: Resignation Calculation_short notice

A staff has tendered resignation on 13/04/2010 and her last day is 30/04/2010.She supposed to give 2 months notices. However she would like pay in lieu of notice to company for the short notice. Her AL balance is 2 days & her basic salary is 2k

My questions are:

1. How to calculate her penalty since 12/06/10 is Saturday. Is it weekend include in penalty calculation?

May = 2000
June = 2000/30 x 12 = 800

2. AL balance should company pay back to staff? or she can utilize on 10 & 11 june or else she can utilize on 3 & 4 may? which the penalty calculation is different

~apply AL on 3 & 4 May:
May = 2000/31 x 27 days = 1741.94
June = 2000/30 x 12 = 800
Penalty: 2541.94

~apply AL on 10 & 11 June:
May = 2000
June = 2000/30 x 9 days=600
Penalty = 2600

Appreciate your advice on the above or any other suggestions that you might have. Thank you

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22/04/2010 16:09:53
Dear Naufal,

Either you hve typo mistake or two separate resignation. Your staff is resigning in April 2010 but why calculate up to June 201?
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22/04/2010 17:25:24
Dear Adriad

actually,this is in lieu of notice calculation. that why my calculation up to June.

she tendered on 13/04/2010. 2 months notice should be on 12/06/2010 as her last day working. She requested to be released on 30/04/2010, therefore she have to pay in lieu of notice to company.

Am i mistake?please advice
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