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Tom Hanks
08/09/2012 21:49:27
Re: Intention to terminate

Hi guys...I've been work with this company for near 6 months, recently i have been called for a confirmation session.My job is permanent and not contract basis thus I have to go through 6 months probation.

During my service , I have not given any proper training etc regarding my job. In addition , my superior has some personal issues about me. we have a different colour skins and treat me bad in terms of coaching etc.

During the appraisal confirmation session , my superior says verbally that they ask me to write a letter of resignation reason I'm not fit into their company.

I have not given any chance to defence my self and they seems to threat me to resign without proper extension of the probation in writing etc.

My question:

1) Can they ask / force me to resign ?
2) What is my choice ? Let them terminate me due to their claim I'm not performing after my 6 months probation period without any review before my 6 months end ?
3) Can i bring I this to IR office or after they terminate me ?
4) Is there any difference if I give 1 month notice or let them terminate me and give me 1 month notice in lieu of the termination then only i can bring this case to IR as wrongfully dismissal ?

Hope someone can help me.

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KL Siew
10/09/2012 10:32:18
Don't resign. Let them sack you if they want and you can then bring the matter up with the IR Department. If you resign, you may not be able to do that.
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Tom Hanks
13/09/2012 16:07:37
TQ Siew.
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