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unhappy worker
07/09/2012 06:33:10
Re: resign and compensate

Hi KL Siew,

I am a fresh graduate that recently signed a '1.5 years' contract with basic salary 1.6k . It was stated in the 'contract' that:-
1) 'We are pleased to confirm our offer to you for the position of ...".
2) This is the 1.5 year contract which included 6 months probation time and 1 year minimum services time.
3.) During your probation period you may serve your notice of resignation to the company within 24 hours, but subject to reimbursement by you to the company for the training expenses as specified in your Training Contract if applicable.
4.) In the training contract, the said training is the daily task that i need to carry out.

(A) Does this constitute a valid contract?

Besides, the company is not what it really claims to be, and I feel very stressed up working in that environment. Moreover, during the interview section and sign contract, they didn't clearly explain the job description to me. Being a fresh graduate, I feel cheated and as it was not mentioned clearly on whether any training contract is applicable, I'm quite unsure of my situation.

(B) I just start to work for 1 week. Is that possible that I resign now without any compensate? As mention in the training contract, if i resign within the probation period then I need to compensate with 3 month salary as the training expenses and they haven't send me go to the head quarter training. Is that necessary I need to compensate to them?

(C)If I didn't compensate, is that they can sue me?
Many thanks in advance for your kind assistance.

From a very unhappy and depressed worker.
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KL Siew
09/09/2012 08:53:35
Since you have signed the contract with those clauses, I can only advise you to see a lawyer or government Legal Aids Bureau (Biro Bantuan Guaman) for legal advice. Show them the contract.

Next time, don't simply sign any contract that comes along if there are clauses you think unfavourable.
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unhappy worker
10/09/2012 21:52:01
thanks for ur advise. i aldi consulted the labour department n lawyer.
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