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Ms Tan
06/09/2012 16:32:12
Re: Termination

Dear Mr Siew,

My company is planning to terminate an employee who worked as a copywriter cum proof reader under contract basis, i.e. under five(5) years contract of service.
He is agef 69 and earning RM1700 per month without any statutory contribution. He is a foreigner but is holding a Malaysian IC.

During his service with us from 07/06/10 until now, he already given us so much of problems, such as incooperative, unwillingness to follow work directions and shows an inability to peform job assignment. Besides that, his personal behavior is also very bad.

A clause in our contract of service did mentioned that either party has the right to terminate the contract earlier by giving or accepting each other a 30days notice.

If we terminate earlier his contract of service but he is not willing to accept due to his stubborn character, can he lodge a complaint to Labour Office?

Pls kindly advise.

Tks & rgds.

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KL Siew
07/09/2012 08:47:31
Surely he can complain. That's his rights.
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