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Ms Tan
06/09/2012 14:41:34
Re: Double Pay on Hari Raya Holiday

Dear Mr Siew,

Pls kindly advise how many days of double pay we shall pay our sales girls who worked on 19-21/08 during Hari Raya Festival? Two(2) or three(3) days?

Tks & rgds,
Ms Tan
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KL Siew
06/09/2012 16:44:38
Two days 20/8 and 21/8 19/8 was Sunday and Raya on that day was replaced. Work on 19/8 single pay, 20 and 21 double pay.
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Ms Tan
06/09/2012 17:10:03
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17/05/2016 01:30:48
may i know in one years have how many day is double pay?
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16/10/2018 18:35:31
may i know how to count double pay
➗26days ?or 30/31days?
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