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03/09/2012 14:26:17
Re: Resignation issue

Dear Sir,

I just called Labor Dept and get some confusion.

Let say I submit my resignation letter today (3.9.12) for 28days notice, my last working day should be 30.09.12.

However, I have 7.5 days leave balance. If my company allowed me to use my leave offset it, means my last working day is 23.09.12 --> sunday morning?

How the company is going to pay me? is it the salary from 01.09.2012 until 23.09.12 (sunday morning), total 21.5 days?

for your information, 01/09/12 is saturday so i entitle to get full pay. 02.09.12 is sunday so tat day i got no pay because tat day is rest day and i submit my resignation letter on 03.09.12.

Please advise, thank you.
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KL Siew
04/09/2012 11:45:32
Well, if you agree with the suggestion to offset the notice period with 7.5 days leave balance, the simplest way to calculate your Sept salary will be 30 days - 7.5 days = 22.5 days.:(your salalry/30) x 22.5 will be your Sept pay.
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05/09/2012 09:25:44
Good morning Mr Siew,

But my leave balance is pro-rated, means I earn it last year.
If I use the 7.5 days to offset, means I can go earlier, but my company still have to pay me one month salary ,is it correct?

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KL Siew
05/09/2012 13:31:53
It should be that way. They should allow you to clear all your leave balance which you are entitled to. If you still have problem, you have to refer the matter to the Labour Department.
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