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Termination due to Criminal Case-immediate
30/08/2012 17:19:57
Re: TJ

3 staffs are stealing company products to sales for their own extra income,
and happened the CCTV are catch their move,
and in the same day also we lodge the police report,
3 of them admited and now is in the lockap .

In their employement letter is either party want to terminate should give 1 month notice..or pay.
But since this is the criminal case, very serious...because the stolen products they have sold! and not return money also (5 figures lose)..
would like to ask is this can be imediate terminate or must give notice ?
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KL Siew
02/09/2012 08:22:24
I think you cannot use that admission and lockup as evidence of misconduct to warrant instant dismissal. You may have to conduct your own domestic inquiry first before deciding penalty including instant dismissal. Consult your company lawyers or the local Industrial Relations Department for legal/official advice.
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