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Bee Hong
27/08/2012 16:23:21
Re: Unpaid leave or medical leave

One of under probation employee absent for 1 day. After that she show a slip from General Hospital mentioned that “Pengesahan kehadiran untuk rawatan/ urursan rasmi” from 12pm – 4pm.

Shall I consider that as medical leave or consider as 1 day unpaid leave?
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KL Siew
29/08/2012 08:44:30
Just give a call to the local Labour Department and get an official opinion. Click on the Labour Office link below.
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Ms Tan
30/08/2012 09:56:42
Dear Bee Hong,

Hope you could pls share with us for the feedback from Labour Office.

Tks & rgds.
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Bee Hong
30/08/2012 17:58:51
I've called Labour Office (Penang) this morning.
I was told that the slip is considered as time off slip but not MC, so not entitle for medical leave.
In this case, this is unpaid leave.
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Mrs Soh
12/03/2014 10:08:40
My staff seems to have a lot of unseen medical prob and taking too many mc. This two mths he hv taken 5.5 days. Cant find anything wrong with him a day before MC. MC usually for stomach pain, headache, neck pain, hip pain etc. but looks ok the day after MC. Pls advice. Im getting fedup.,
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