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27/08/2012 10:06:57
Re: Job description

Hi mr siew,

I need your advice. i have been working for a company since January 2012, the problem with this company is when they offer me the job they said i am working as help desk agent level 1.. then as time pass by they started to ask me to do a lot of other thing other than answering calls and now i have a task of a project planner, a service desk application administrator, team lead and internal team manager but the same position and the same salary i think this is quite unfair to me. i hope there are some solution on this
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KL Siew
27/08/2012 16:42:18
This is something quite common. When you can perform they will keeping heaping you with more work. Don't be shy to ask for more salary to reflect your duties. If nothing happens, you can always start look for a better job elsewhere.
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