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23/08/2012 15:51:15
Re: how to calculate compensate

Dear Mr.Siew, my company got a staff joined on 1/9/2012. but now my company want to terminate him on this month, may i know how to calculate compensate to him?
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Edward Chan
23/08/2012 19:24:54
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24/08/2012 10:01:27
Sorry, mistake. he joined on 1.9.2010. Thanks for your correction, Edward
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KL Siew
24/08/2012 14:26:53
Apart from giving him notice, he should be paid whatever balance of annual leave and also he should be paid termination benefits of 10 days salary for each year of the 2 years of service. However, payment of termination benefits does not mean the staff cannot complain to the authorities. He still has the right to do so.
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27/08/2012 09:22:06
Thanks for your replied, Mr. Siew, may i know how you calculate this? can i know the formula?
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