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23/08/2012 11:37:07
Re: overtime and allowance

my boss wanted to hire employee and the details are as below

the basic salary that he job is offering is rm1500 - 2000,
working 12 hours shift for 5 days,

so he wanted to pay the same as every employee
allowances: rm225 (per month) - inclusive overtime (meaning he wont pay at overtime rate.)
and public holiday : rm120 (per day)

my question is how to calculate the overtime for this type of shift.? and is it possible if my boss wanted to pay the same amount of allowances both to agent with rm1500 salary and rm2000 salary?

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KL Siew
24/08/2012 14:17:18
You boss may not be doing the right thing. Consult the Labour Department about his method of salary payment and advise your boss accordingly.
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27/08/2012 09:39:19
Thanks so much mr siew.. btw i have also contacted the labour dept and they inform me that the method is not right. i will advice my boss :-)
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