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18/08/2012 01:10:03
Re: First resgination letter or Second resignation letter

On 06/8/12 I tender my first resignation letter to my superior then she cames met me on 08/08/12 to asked me stay back with them but I didn't promiss her and pull back my first resignation letter and ask her let me consider it. Then I continua work until 17/08/12 I tender my second resignation letter by email without my signature to her and inform her my last day would be on 31/08/12, but then she says I should need to follow my offer letter to give them 1month notice.

I went back home to check my offer letter is state I need to give them 1month notice.

So may I know I can follow first resignation letter notice since I do not pull back my first resignation letter and also do not promiss them I will stay back to them, but unfortunately I tender my second resignation letter, then which one I should to follow?

Please advice! THanks.
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18/08/2012 01:13:25
And I under probation period.
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KL Siew
21/08/2012 16:45:16
To me, your first letter is valid. However, consult the Labour Department and ask for their views as your employer may not want to pay your salary.
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21/08/2012 23:54:16
Thanks a lot. Tomorrow will call Labour Department to get advice.Thanks again.
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