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14/08/2012 16:26:52
Re: Notice period

Im joined this company 2 year ago, at that time, the offer letter mention that 3 month notice period for the resignation and according to the management, is standard and no doubt for me. By now, I know that every employee only serve 2 months notice.

Can I ask the managment to change the term in the offer letter and under which section of Emplyment Act.
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KL Siew
15/08/2012 19:38:57
The 3 months notice period is still effective for you. If you want to resign with only 2 months notice, your employer must agree to it. Otherwise, you still have to give 3 months notice.
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Vijay K
16/08/2012 08:41:50
Hi Mr KL Siew,
By having the notice period, and if I choose to break the notice period and leave the company earlier, will the company be able to take me to court?
Or by me leaving earlier it only means I won't be able to return to this company again?
In my current company I need to give 3 months notice period but I would like to leave earlier if possible but would like to know the consequences of that.

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KL Siew
16/08/2012 10:46:12
Yes, they can take you to court. If you choose to leave without notice or without payment of indemnity, that may create a bad impression for the present and the future employer. Try to leave in a proper way.
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