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10/08/2012 15:11:26
Re: allowance and overtime

is it possible that employee O.T is not paid by O.T rate but rather paid OT or public holidays in allowance . ?
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KL Siew
10/08/2012 20:02:57
Must pay overtime rate according to law. However, if the allowance is not less than OT, I think it may be OK.
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17/08/2012 14:42:46
thanks you KL siew, below are the details;

the basic salary that he job is offering is rm1500 - 2000,
working 12 hours shift for 5 days,

so he wanted to pay the same as every employee
allowances: rm225 (per month)
and public holiday : rm120 (per day)

i really need advice on this. i've been calling labour dept but no one pick up my calls

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