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Unsatisfied worker
30/07/2012 16:58:06
Re: 119 holiday policy + work on public holiday count as overtime pay.

1) HAMADATEC SDN BHD (KHTP ) has rules and regulation stated that 119 days holiday policy which since year 2000. But since government announced malaysia Day on 19 Sept 2011 ( if not mistake) as Public holiday (PH) , we no need to work on those day but need to replace to work on Sat.
2) Term of employment Contract stated that Public holiday like hari Raya, CNY , Christmas etc for management category are not allow to claim double pay, but they only eligible to claim as Overtime hour for RM 10 per hour.

Both term all stated in Contract of Employment. Does work on PH are we should pay double or everything inside Term of employment will make dominant for use as legal ?
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KL Siew
01/08/2012 13:01:33
I find the policy very confusing. I would suggest you pay a personal visit to the local Labour Department, sit down and discuss the issues with some of the officers there.
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