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26/07/2012 17:04:19
Re: Compensation from Socso belong to employee or employer?

i have a staff met accident when working in early April 2012, he mc for 2 months. Company paid full salary for him for April & May 2012, and help him submit claim to Socso. Now Socso compensate 80% salary and post a cheque payable to employee name.
Qs 1: Is employer has the right to ask the employee to return the salary paid earlier? or has the right to ask for the compensation from socso pay back to company?
Qs 2: any rules stated which i can refer?
Qs 3: in normal case, if employee accident during working and mc for a month, does employer need to pay salary or no need?
Thank you.
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KL Siew
27/07/2012 09:39:50
1. I think you better ask SOCSO whether the SOCSO money should go to the employer since the employee had been paid normal salary.

2. Section 60F of the EA may help to answer your question:

"(4) No employee shall be entitled to paid sick leave for the period during which the employee is entitled to maternity allowance under Part IX, or for any period during which he is receiving any compensation for disablement under the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1952, or any periodical payments for temporary disablement under the Employees Social Security Act, 1969."

3. Some employers will advance money during the period of disablement in order to help the worker to tide over financial difficulties while some not so caring employers will not do that. Ask COCSO what is the best out.

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sim chia hoi
17/06/2015 14:40:41
my husband is hepato sick at the moment and he is unable to work. he does not contribute any epf and soscos. I am a member of social, can I get the compensation??
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