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26/07/2012 09:52:17

A staff submitted her resignation letter (1 month notice) as per her service contract. She's has no entitlement to leaves but has taken 1.5 days of unauthorised leave during her probation period.

After submitting her resignation letter, she requested for 2 days of leaves. The management decided to accept her resignation and terminated her services as she had taken the 2 days without approval from the management.

The directors have gone overseas and will not be back until next week. HR has informed her that her salary will be banked in as soon as the management has agreed with the calculation of salary.

HR has given her a calculation of her salary in which they have deducted her 3.5 days of leave. She is now demanding that she be paid in full and immediately or she will take legal action against the company.

1) How long after resignation/termination of staff, does the company pay salary?

2) Can she take legal action for the deduction of salary when she wasn't entitled for AL.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
26/07/2012 16:20:47
You can just tell her to go and make a complaint if she insists she must be paid full. Pay only when the authority tells the company to pay and how much to pay.
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