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25/07/2012 17:41:35
Re: Domestic Inquiry


One of my staff is suspected to have falsified his MC. After consulting University Malaya Medical Centre, they have confirmed that the MC was not issued by UMMC.

So we gave him a notice for DI; suspended him for 14 days with unpaid leave, with immediate effect; he was to hand over all his projects to his colleague and company assets back to the HR.

He was to come back for the DI on 23rd July, Monday; but he didnt show up. We tried calling him, but the call was answered by someone else. So we sent him an email asking for a reply from him within 48 hours, or he'll be considered to have left the services of the Company on his own accord.

51 hours later he replied. He claims that his legal adviser said that the HR has violated certain DI procedures. firstly, we should have only suspended him for 7 days and given him half-pay leave instead of unpaid leave. He considers himself as being wrongfully dismissed by the Company.

What should our next course of action be?
The Management wants to terminate this staff. In his email, the staff said he is currently out of the country and will not return so soon.
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KL Siew
26/07/2012 10:35:45
Since you did not proceed with the DI in his absence on 23/7, you can give him a postponement and fix another date for DI. If he still does not turn up, proceed with the DI and make the necessary decision.

However, if you want to make sure about the correct action to take, you can consult the local Industrial Relations Department and get some official advice.
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pak Tam
13/12/2014 02:50:54
Can we suspend the staff with 14 days no pay on his basic salary and all of his fix allowances?
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